18 Mar, 2019
Design Examples


There are a number of experienced graphic designers at TechnoVisual and we are always happy to supply a design service, if required, for your printed material.  We aim to engage the client fully in this process and before we start on any design we will find out if you have any ideas or preferences on things like fonts, general colour and appearance.  Many start up businesses have used our services to supply a brand for all their marketing materials, which will usually begin with the design of a logo, this can then be incorporated in all the other marketing we supply from business cards, headed letters and flyers to company folders and websites.

Designers here are equipped to deal with any image manipulation required for your photo or image prints.  The photographer at TechnoVisual will work on location or use the photography studio on site to provide clients with a set of  professional photographs, which can be essential for promotion.  We are often asked to supply high quality prints for exhibitions, marketing brochures, events and portfolios and Image manipulation,  enhancing, cropping, colour change and even subject removal is often required so that the client ends up with the perfect result.

As well as the design and layout of businness stationery and marketing materials, our services also cover more creative or bespoke design and printing such as wedding and event stationery and packaging.  TechnoVisual are very experienced with this type of project and have the advantage of knowing the best design methods and software to use for the varied range of media, templates and printing types.  We are experienced with most of the major design software packages and can also supply 3D graphics, slideshows, video and animations.  We do have a huge advantage over stand alone designers in that we know exactly how best to do a design so that it works well with the printing method employed and can carry the project through to its conclusion whilst offering advice along the way.

We have a very reasonable design charge of £35.00 plus vat per hour and once engaged we will always supply proofs as a jpg before finalising any finished work.  We are very happy to supply printing services from designs supplied by the customer or other designers and if required we will supply the relevant templates and instruction required for each product. It is greatly appreciated if artwork supplied is a finalised version, any changes asked for after proofing or prototype stage will incur further charges because of the extra set up time.

TechnoVisual strongly advises that a full prototype or printed proof is always a very important part of the design process for proof reading and approval before we start a printed run.  We do insist upon a full prototype for any packaging or printed product which needs to be made up in-house, for example; a digipack, printed booklet, calendar or company folder.  For most other printed material a standard flat and simple proof is usually adequate.

Unlike some graphic design companies, TechnoVisual believes that once produced a design should then belong to the customer and we are happy to supply this design in any format required.  We have been asked to supply designs for clothing, huge banners or signage for vans and we will make up the design with this in mind and are always willing to work with these companies directly to make sure the final artwork and format suits the purpose.



We would advise having a printed proof for many of the products supplied at TechnoVisual.  For more standard print materials such as flyers and post cards we will offer a standard proofing service for just £6.00 plus vat.  This one-off proof will be sent to you for your review before commencing the job and it will come in the form of a flat print, which will often consist of the full product, i.e. a flyer, leaflet or post card, printed on the correct paper or card as specified and using the printer best suited to your print run.   This one-off copy will give you peace of mind, as you will see the finish, layout, quality and colouring of the product before fully committing to the run and it can be used for proof reading.  For any printed items designed by ourselves, we would always send a jpg or pdf of the item via email free of charge as well for checking and proof reading purposes. 

For proofs of larger or more complex printed items, which involve more set up and production time e.g.a trifold leaflet, greeting card or folded invite, the charge for a one-off printed proof will be more and this will be shown on quotation.

It is not possible to offer a printed proof for larger volume litho printed jobs because of the set-up time involved, but we will always send you the print ready PDF for sign-off before we start the run

We do need to stress that if you do not take up our proofing service, we can not be held responsible for the finish, colours or layout, varying from that expected.  If we are designing the print material then we would always send a proof of the design via email in the form of a jpg for you to review and this service is always free of charge.  However, we would always advise that you take up the standard proof and once the printed item has been proof read and approved and payment made, we can not be held responsible for mistakes in text or layout.     




Logos and Promotional Design

Here are just a few examples of our recent Logo Designs, Supplied to Local Businesses

Design Prices

The standard design rate at TechnoVisual is £35.00 plus vat per hour.

The prices shown below are only meant as a rough guide for a first draft version of a number of different types of printed product, prices can vary depending on the complexity of the design and number of versions required.   We have only covered a few basic design items in the simple table below, the true range of products we can help with is far too long to list and the price for something like a greetings cards, menu, invite, booklet or package is normally charged on an hourly rate.

The designers at TechnoVisual can also re-draw your image or logo as a vectorised file if, for example it needs to be printed as a large poster or perhaps on a sign or clothing.  We do not use conversion software for this purpose as this method can cause problems later on down the line, we start from scratch and re-draw the image by hand - you will find our prices for this to be extremely competitive.

Description of Design Price
Logo 2 initial draft alternative designs £40.00
Business card Single Side £20.00
Business card Double Sides £35.00
Letter Head or Compliment Slip Single Side £30.00
Flyer or Poster Single Side £45.00
Flyer or Poster Double Sides


Banner or large canvas One sided £60.00
Folded A4 Leaflet 4 panels or 6 panels Double Sides


Folded Brochure - A3 to A4 4 pages  (2 double sides of A4) £200.00
Jewel Case Inserts or 4 Panel Digipack Double Sides £75.00
Web Sites (subject to content) Per Page (straight text and images) £100.00
Photo retouching or manipulation Depends on the complexity of the image £35.00/hr
Changing an image/ logo into a vectored file Depends on the complexity of the image £35.00/hr

 Above prices do not include VAT

3D Design, Imaging and Visualisation

TechnoVisual use a number of 3D packages both for animation and for 3d imaging.  3D designs can be very useful for illustration or visualisation of an accurate image of a model such as a building, a person or a complicated product such as a machine part.  It has the massive advantage of allowing us to add various colours or textures to the design and we can present the image from any angle. 

Once the model has been set up, this method can greatly reduce the time needed on a project, as just one design can be used to show so many different possibilities.

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