21 Mar, 2018
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TechnoVisual has an experienced video production sound recording and editing team that operates under the name of TechnoVisual Video Artists. We can shoot and edit up to HD quality video with CD quality audio.   We have a range of cameras, lighting and support equipment including chroma key screen capability.

TechnoVisual has to date produced a wide range of videos and our team can adapt very quickly to fulfil whatever criteria the project requires.  As well as the video, animation and special effects, we are often asked to simply provide a collection of professional or artistic looking photographs. 

TechnoVisual now has an on-site video and photography studio. For more information visit our Micro-Studio site at: VideoArtists.co.uk .

Video and Photography

Video, Sound Recording and Photography

TechnoVisual has an experienced video production and editing team which can provide video up to HD quality.  There is no need to hire a separate sound recording company, the same team will deal with the recording of the sound required for project.  The team can be hired at a price of £50.00 plus vat per hour or £320.00 plus vat per day, including the cameras and equipment required.  Post production, i.e. editing, titling, special effects and deployment in the format required is charged at a rate of £40.00 plus vat per hour.  Our video and sound team are happy to travel to your location to offer on-site footage, alternatively, our on-site studio at  our Chandos House, School Lane premises is available for smaller jobs such as head to camera, photography, voice-over recording or chroma-key screen work.  It is always preferred that we sit down with a client for a planned meeting initially to work out exactly what is expected of the final video prior to offering a costing.

TechnoVisual has a large range of video and audio equipment such as; a number of HD capable cameras (HDV plus full HD), backdrops plus chroma-key screens, audio recording equipment, a jib/camera hoist, dolley and tracking system and lighting.   Once edited with the addition of any special effects, 3d animation and photography the end result will be breathtaking.

Our photographer can also be hired at a rate of £40.00 per hour, plus vat to provide a set of professionally taken pictures.  Our in house print facility allows us to supply these pictures as high quality prints on photographic paper or as posters up to A2 size.  Please see prices on the Short Run Printing page.

Web Site Videos, Chroma-Keying and Special Effects

TechnoVisual have produced many short videos for deployment onto websites for a variety of purposes: promotion of ones business and products is a favourite and it is a very powerful form of marketing, it gives the owner of a business or a chosen representative a way of selling his business and products in the way he or she chooses.  It can also be used as a demonstrational or trainingVideo Producer, Mark and Client medium and we have produced a number of documentary or 'fly on the wall' style videos to date.

 Many of our customers have used the video and audio facility we provide as a means of promoting their own career, we have produced numerous small videos for singers wanting a short video for their latest single or simply a well produced slideshow of favourite pictures.  Our services have also been required for recording important meetings or training sessions.

Recently, TechnoVisual has upgraded its chroma-key/green screen capability and we now have an on-site studio. This gives us the benefit of chroma-keying a whole scene which means we can for example make it look like you or your salesman is walking accross your web page and pointing to various points or we can make a band look as through they were performing on top of a skyscraper! Our video producer has a huge range of skills and experience in visual and audio effects and together with the chroma keying feature, just imagine the possibilities. 

You will be surprised at the relatively low outlay required for a short simple head to camera or documentary style video and their are many possibilites for its deployment, either as a CD or DVD perhaps to use at exhibitions or in mail shots, on your web site or other webscreening or broadcasting mediums.  We can help with the full project our project managers can orgainise the whole thing for you from start to finish. TechnoVisual can provide all the necessary equipment required and can help you with the storyboard to ensure a professional looking outcome whatever the subject matter.


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