13 Jun, 2024


TechnoVisual have been working with small to medium sized companies for many years now and our relationship with many of them has begun at the very start of a companies life, when they are needing help to launch themselves into the world of business.  We make sure that each company we deal with makes the most of this introduction period, we start off  with a bang and then carry on that momentum through the years to come.

It is vital to get that initial lift off right, a company needs to make sure they are seen and heard and taken seriously as a valid contender amongst their competitors.  To do this, a company needs a good brand and a well definined marketing strategy.  It doesn't mean that this shouldn't change along the way, it is vital to listen to feedback from customers and react to market conditions and a good marketing campaign should reflect both the company's vision and goals but also the requirements of their market and customer expectation.

Getting the right look and feel to your company branding is very important, the logo is the first thing potential clients will see we need to think about colour and useability over various mediums e.g. letterheads, websites, signs and possibly even clothing.  It has to have the right immediate impact, it needs to be memorable and yet it has to be relatively easy to re-produce.  We will always start by designing a few different options for you to review and this will start the process of staged development until we get it right.  These things never need to be written in stone, certainly our own logo has changed dramatically from the first concept to the way it looks today.

TechnoVisual has the experience and understanding of exactly what is required in today's business world.  Whichever industry you are part of the same basic rules of marketing will always apply and we can take you through the steps required and offer the support and advise you will need along the way.

TechnoVisual very much believes that you, the company owner, are the real expert - no one knows your business better than you do.  So where it comes to the text and content required for your marketing material, whether it be a business card, email marketing or a full product brochure, we will take your lead and then help you to craft the prose into a professional sounding sales pitch, suitable for that specific promotional task.  

If your project requires printing, we also have the huge advantage of being able to offer you a printed proof of your marketing, whatever it maybe, followed up by a full print run.  The printed services we offer at TechnoVisual are almost without bounds.  Our low volume, bespoke nature means that we tackle just about everything you will ever need from folders, menus, price lists, brochures and  product labels, to a set of product display photographs,  printed discs with bespoke packaging. 


TechnoVisual has ability to supply our clients with the videos, presentations and photography they will need for their online and on-site promotion.  We have a video, sound and photography studio on-site for this very service meaning that we can control all your requirements on-site. Our video team have visited many companies to get that all important company video for their website, facebook page or YouTube and any voice over or photography can then we added using the facilities available at our on-site studio. 

Our vido team has many years experience in animation and special effects, it is amazing what can be done with our green screen facility and clever editing to get the effect required.  The lighting backgrounds and top of the range cameras also mean we can supply a gorgeous set of product photographs which can be used for your marketing.  Please see the Video Artists website www.videoartists.co.uk















TechnoVisual has supplied an endless list of introductory or informational videos and animations, company/product presentations and photographs, please visit the TechnoVisual Video Artist website to see the many demos available www.videoartists.co.uk

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